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Gov. Christie Hits Bridgegate ‘Hysteria’
As the Bridgegate investigation continues, New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie's approval numbers have been going down in recent polls, but Christie insists he's too busy running the state to become preoccupied with the lane closure scandal. / Photo Credit: Brian McCarthy
Chris Christie on Ask the Governor
New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie was live in our studio Wednesday night for Ask the Governor on the Townsquare Radio Network. You can watch the show again (below) and check out the best tweets.
Chris Christie, in Live Interview, Talks Bridgegate
Gov. Chris Christie, addressing the Bridgegate scandal in a live radio interview Monday night, said he wants the people of New Jersey to know, "I had nothing to do with this" and "I'm going to fix it." He also took a swipe at critics he said were engaging in …

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