4th of July

Should Fireworks Be Silenced in Ocean County?
On the Fourth of July I joined in a conversation my neighbors were having about fireworks.  They had heard that some places in Europe are using only silent fireworks.  Curious about this, I did some reading online.  One town in Italy has a law on the books stating that only the silent…
Jersey Shore Journal: Beachwood Fireworks [VIDEO]
Welcome to another episode of the "Jersey Shore Journal" as we bring you exciting events and destinations here at the Jersey Shore! This "webisode" is all about the Beachwood Fireworks ... The 76th edition of the Fireworks! Thousands gathered at Beachwood Beach an…
Show Us Your Red, White and Blue
America celebrates a birthday this coming 4th of July and we wanna see how you show off your red, white and blue! It can be anything from home decor to vehicles to your family and pets.  Take a pic and share it with us as we get set for a fantastic 4th of July!
Should Fireworks Be Legal In NJ? [Poll]
I've lived in a number of different states throughout my life, and New Jersey stands apart from all of them for one thing (no, I'm not talking about pumping your own gas) - you can't possess or set off fireworks in The Garden State.
Who Are The Shore’s Messiest Visitors? [Photos]
When I was at The Community Medical Center Seaside Park Boardwalk Studio for my show last Friday afternoon, going into the 4th of July weekend, I noticed something as the afternoon turned into evening - after the people cleared out, the beach was a mess.

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