A new survey reveals that one of every six workers in our country can't stand their job.

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The survey, conducted by GfK for Monster.com states that of the 15 percent of workers who are disgruntled, personality clashes with coworkers are often the leading cause.

"There's always that guy in the next cubicle who's doing something that's not helping us," GfK's Chris Moessner said.

In other job scenarios, Moessner says some workers are concerned about issues such as job security and where their place is in the office.

"In the last four, five or six years there's been a lot of tough economic choices that have been made," Moessner said.

On the positive side, 51 percent of American workers say they like or love their job.  Regionally, the happiest U.S. workers are here in the Northeast. Sixty percent in the Northeast say they liked or loved their jobs.

Workers were happiest in Canada, where the survey shows 64 percent love their job.  And they were also happier in the Netherlands and India.