Think about how many times during the day you're at the sink washing your hands.   It's something we do instinctively after eating and using the restroom.  So it might surprise you to learn that many of us are doing it wrong.    We're not being thorough enough:   not cleaning under our fingernails and not taking enough time to let the soap do its job.  Oh, and some of us are not even bothering to use soap in the first place!  These shocking findings come from the Journal of Environmental Health.  Its study showed only 5 percent of people wash hands for the recommended 15-20 seconds.  We apparently spend only about 6 seconds washing our hands, not enough time to kill bacteria according to the Centers For Disease Control and Prevention.   I know we're all busy and usually want to rush away from the sink so we can get on to our next task, but maybe hand washing is a task we should take more seriously.  I'm going to take the advice I've heard:  to keep myself at the sink a little longer, I'm going to sing the "Happy Birthday" song twice.  You can read the musical suggestion and other good tips at this link from the CDC:  Do you have any suggestions on getting your kids or co-workers to practice good handwashing techniques?  Are there signs in your company's bathrooms reminding people to wash hands?  Please comment below.