The crowd remained relatively calm in New Orleans this past weekend when half of the stadium went dark during the Super Bowl. It would be safe to assume the National Football League will not receive the same response from New Jersey/New York fans if the same outage were to occur during next year's game, given the location is a quick car ride from ground zero of the worst terrorist attack in our country's history.

Inside the Superdome during the Super Bowl blackout (Jamie Squire, Getty Images)

The outage occurred just a few a minutes into the second half on Sunday, blamed on an unspecified "abnormality" that caused the Superdome's power system to partially shut down. Many bigwigs from New Jersey, including members of the Christie Administration, were on hand for the game to observe the challenges that go along with hosting a Super Bowl.

"We had members of our administration on the phone with the executives at PSE&G during the game, saying to them, 'See this? We don't want this,'" Governor Chris Christie explained. "The NFL's folks are going to be working with PSE& work up whatever backup plans we can work out, learning from the mistakes that were made in Louisiana this weekend."

Christie said many lessons were learned during the game by New Jersey officials, regarding security issues in particular, that the state plans to put into use on February 2, 2014.