“Yes it’s going to be a heat wave.”   No question about it we’re smack in the middle of summer and this should be the week that many flock to the beach seeking relief in the hopes of finding cool breezes and warm water. 

Seaside Heights boardwalk (Joe Palmer, Townsquare Media NJ)

The water for sure has finally warmed up and hopefully beachgoers won’t be dealing with a west wind all week. The question for many merchants is will this hot weather drive people down to the shore because if not this week then it’s likely not going to happen.

From what I hear it appears that for all the publicity the town received Seaside Heights is really struggling with many businesses so far behind from last summer they can’t possibly make it up.  Part of the problem is lack of renters in not only that town but surrounding areas like Ortley Beach and Seaside Park.  Throw in the fact that there are still no amusement rides operating and you have obstacles that seem to be too much to overcome.

Twitter is a very popular and often wonderful social networking tool which I use with some frequency. I go under @shoresportsman so feel free to follow me.  It’s become a place where many offer their opinions on a variety of subjects and the nature of Twitter allows you do so quickly and often without thinking first.

It’s a popular way for pro athletes and other celebrities to stay in touch with fans and some feel compelled to offer opinions on subject matters they would be best off avoiding.  Take for example New York Giants football star Victor Cruz, who is immensely popular and just signed a new contract last week.

When the verdict in the George Zimmerman trial was announced Saturday Cruz tweeted “Zimmerman doesn’t last a year before the hood catches up with him.”  It didn’t take long for him to realize that was not a good career move so he deleted the tweet and issued several apologies.  Later he explained it was an initial reaction to the verdict and he does not condone violence under any circumstances.


Fellow wide receiver Roddy White of the Atlanta Falcons had even stronger words via twitter when he said “all them jurors should go home tonight and kill themselves for letting a grown man get away with killing a kid.”  Of course he too later issued an apology.  It would be best for Cruz and White to stick to catching footballs.

The Ocean and Monmouth County All-Stars hit the practice field over the weekend in preparation for Thursday night’s U.S, Army All Shore Gridiron Classicat Toms River High School North. While that game is for players who just graduated you can get a look at some returning players tonight when Ocean County holds its 7-on-7 passing tournament at Toms River East.  Games start at 5pm.