Along with Memorial Day weekend this past weekend, came the weather that we've come to be used to this time of year; warm, humid days, and the threat of storms breaking up your sun tanning sessions.

I actually love a good thunderstorm, as long as I'm somewhere safe where I don't have to go anywhere of course. I'm amazed by the power of nature when you get a really vivid lightning show.

Here at work, though, a Summer rumbler can be just a bit of an inconvenience. If you've ever visited our studios here in Bayville, you've noticed the huge tower attached to our building. It's both figuratively and literally a big lightning rod.

One day a few Summers ago, shortly after I first came here, I remember the skies darkening, the Severe Thunderstorm Warnings coming across the Emergency Alert System, and the distant rumbles starting to ramp up. I'd heard the stories of lightning hits here at the office, it's old hat for the folks here, but I'd never experienced it myself. I went to the front desk and asked our receptionist Joyce, "so what actually happens when we get a lightning hit?" I barely got the words out of my mouth when a huge BOOM! interrupted me. She looked at me, and said, "that does".

We're usually prepared and the building is generally pretty well protected, but it's still a bit jarring when it happens. But my experience here hasn't dampened my enthusiasm for a good storm.

So what do you think? Are you a fan of thunderstorms or can you do without all the noise and flashing lights? Leave a comment below and let us know!