Good morning to the many teachers and school staff heading back to work today, some for the first time in 10 weeks.  While most students don’t arrive until Wednesday or Thursday schools will be busy today with teacher orientations and other programs.  That alarm clock this morning was a not-so-friendly reminder that summer vacation is over.

Not exactly the Labor Day weekend we were hoping for as for many this was the swan song of the beach season.  Saturday was the only real beach day of the weekend but for most of the day there was a west wind which brought unwelcome visitors: flies.    While my beach days are all but over for the summer for others it’s the best time of year with no crowds to fight or beach badges required.  Of course in many towns there are also no lifeguards so keep that in mind if you decide to take a swim in the ocean.

If you asked me what sticks out from this summer more than anything else it might be the success that Cincinnati Reds rookie Todd Frazier has had.   I don’t think a day has gone by that someone has not mentioned the Toms River native to me and it’s been exciting to follow his progress.

I did not pay all that much attention to the Republican National Convention in Tampa last week and I won’t this week as the Democrats gather in Charlotte.  All that really comes out of these things is a bunch of hot air and promises that will not be fulfilled.  It’s amazing at how we’ve come to accept that both sides will lie to get our vote and we accept and expect it.  Shame on us!

My wife and I went to the movies over the weekend and saw “Premium Rush” which I guarantee will not be a big box office success.  However its 90 minutes of action featuring bicycle messengers racing around New York City and we really enjoyed it.  Not a big-name cast with Joseph Gordon-Levitt trying to bike away from a bad cop who is played by Michael Shannon, who is best known for his role as Nelson Van Alden in Boardwalk Empire.  Not for everyone but a surprisingly enjoyable movie.