EAST RUTHERFORD — The Jets didn't give fans much to cheer about during Monday night's game, but two fans did for a few moments.

As Gang Green was down 41-3 at the start of the third quarter, two streakers ran onto the field and were quickly chased by two State Police officers.

"To be honest, the streakers were the best part of the game. And the state trooper just straight up laid out the first streaker," said Kaitlyn Kanzler, from Colonia who was attending her first professional football game.

State Police tackle two streakers on the field at MetLife Stadium (Kaitlyn Kanzler)

Dylan Kanner, 18, a senior at Jackson Memorial  and a Jets fan was at the game and captured the action from the Toyota Club, where he watched the game with his friend and his friend's father. From the corner of his eye, he saw two people running onto the field.

"I knew I had to take my phone out and record it because earlier in the season there were streakers on the field and they didn't show it on TV," Kanner said.

State Police are getting props for their tacking ability from both Kanner and Kanzler for their football ability.

"They leveled the kid," Kanner said, adding that the Jets should "absolutely" sign the officers.

Jets Spokesman Alejandro Goes said the two streakers were teenage boys. They were each charged with field jumping, obstruction, disorderly conduct and underage consumption of alcohol.

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