It started out as a lovely, early spring outing to Allaire State Park for a Jersey shore family, which took some very strange turns. But the strangest came when they looked back at the pictures that they took that day.

Cheryll McCarthy, who took the trip to the popular historic destination with her and her boyfriend's families, briefly described how their day turned strange:

We were walking around Allaire taking in the history and sights. An odd thing that happened,  there is this old tree in the middle of the walk near the bakery. Jim noticed a lot of the branches were on the ground and said to stay clear of walking under because it looked like they would come down and hurt you. Just as we walked away we heard this huge crack and a big branch came down and nearly took out a man, his wife and the baby in the stroller. We were all shocked and shaken from that. They were very lucky.


As we walked through the trails, I snapped pics of everyone. No one noticed anything while walking around. As we got further into the trail I looked over and noticed this little house-like thing made out of sticks, it even had a little stone path. I assumed someone made it, but I must say, it was odd! So I took a pic of it as well. We laughed it off and made jokes about the "Allaire witch" instead of "Blair witch"...

Here's the picture of the weird stick structure:


Photo by Cheryll McCarthy

Kind of strange, right? But it could have just been someone playing around.

But things got even weirder when they were looking back at their photos after the fact. When they came to this picture, of the family just goofing around, they noticed something odd:


Photo by Cheryll McCarthy

Do you notice anything unusual? Let's zoom in on the right hand side of the photo:


Photo by Cheryll McCarthy

An odd, black, human-type figure seems to be standing between the trees in the middle of the daylight.

They assure me that none of the photos have been tampered with in any way at all, and they sent me the photos as they were downloaded directly off of their devices.

Of course, Allaire State Park is very historic, going back to the 19th century, so it certainly is a good place to have energies of former residents, workers, and travelers sticking around.

They've asked me to ask you - have you ever had anything odd happen at Allaire? Do you know of any stories or legends in that area? You can either comment below or email me directly and we'll follow up this story!