Police investigating fraudulent activity at a Toms River pawn shop arrested the owner and a manager. A Bass River Township man arrested on April 8th for allegedly breaking into a Knollwood Court home, sold a platinum double diamond ring worth $15,000 to Aaron's Gold on Route 37 East for $140 dollars, according to authorities.

Detective Roger Hull determined the pawn shop held the purchased item for seven days as required by law, but illegally modified it, by removing the diamonds and replacing them with cubic zirconia's before returning it to the owner. The 80-year-old burglary victim had the forethought to keep photos and appraisals of her jewelry in case she was ever robbed.

Aaron's Gold owner, 65-year-old Ann Paris of Bayonne, and the store manager, 39-year-old Walter Hodnovich of Bayonne, were both arrested June 9th for theft of the diamonds. They were each released on $5,000 bail.

The investigation is ongoing and more charges or actions against the business owner and manager are pending.