It's been an exciting week for my daughter as she just returned from Stokes.

Berkeley Township School District

Stokes State Forest invites local schools for an awesome adventure for kids. Abby's 6th grade class just got back from three days of sleeping away from Mom and Dad, cool activities, no phones or computers, just friends and teachers enjoying the beauty of Stokes State Park. Can you even imagine - NO ELECTRONICS and the kids made it through!(sarcastically laughing) Just plain awesome!

Berkeley Township School District

This last week I've talked to so many people that have gone to Stokes over the years with their school. It's a crazy tradition that I hope keeps going for years and years. Abby enjoyed it, she wasn't a fan of the bathrooms, "but such a cool place" she said.

Thank you to all the teachers that dedicate a week of their lives to go! It was an adventure Abs will sure not forget!

Does your district do Stokes? Do you have great memories from Stokes?


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