One of the many tasks being tackled by State Police after Sandy is rounding up and reuniting with owners, the many boats driven astray by the storm.

Michael Loccisano, Getty Images

State Police Spokesman Lt. Steven Jones says they've found and cataloged 400 vessels so far, but there may be as many a thousand more out there somewhere. He says, "Many of those boats are still just up along banks of waterways, up on dry land and in other people's properties."


They have a number to call, 732 899 5051, if you are still searching for your boat.

Jones says they also have a warning for boaters who are still navigating coastal areas. Just because it's colder weather now doesn't mean the boating season's completely done. Striper season is still in full swing, and those people who still do have their boats functioning may be out there.

Jones says, "What folks need to do is just take it super slow out there, using their "fish finders" or their depth finders to make sure they are just cruising along anywhere near the shoreway at a very slow speed and using extreme caution and hopefully using someone on the bow of the boat as a spotter to make sure they are not just blasting through areas that they used to think were safe. They are no longer gonna be that way."

Sunken debris, including boats and cars and shifting sand present a major hazard for fishermen and recreational boaters.