Listening to news reports about the nasty partisan bickering in Trenton, it's a wonder anything gets accomplished in the State but 9th District Republican State Senator Chris Connors says don't believe all the hype. Lawmakers are working together under the 'Gold Dome'.

Connors says "what we have seen is a greater spirit of cooperation and bipartisanship over the course of the last couple of years and I think what happens is that the Legislature has recognized that in order to achieve anything that is going to bring relief to the taxpayers it's going to be required necessarily that there be bipartisan participation in that process.

Listen to Rosetta Key's conversation with Senator Chris Connors

He says Lawmakers have reached across the political isle to get significant measures passed. "We've been successful at accomplishing a great deal in a very short period of time. Some things that have been very monumental like pension and healthcare reform, a 2 % cap on property tax and a number of other reforms that have been pushed through and signed by Governor Christie."

Connors says he'll once again be serving on the Senate Community and Urban Affairs Committee as well as the Senate Military Affairs Committee for the 2012-2013 Legislative Session. He says the Military Affairs Committee is Chaired by Senator Jeff Van Drew, who is a Democrat and they've worked together to sponsor legislation to address the needs of the shore, including establishing the South Jersey Hospital Task Force that they both Co-Chair.

He says other laws pushed through with bipartisan support includes, establishing a Gold Star Mother's Program in the state and expanding employment and state contract procurement opportunities for veterans.

As far as the Community and Urban Affairs Committee, Connors says one of their primary goals as committee members will be in not letting legislation pass through that increases the cost to municipalities and counties. He says they also have a number of legislative initiatives that would ease the burden of municipals and counties.

According to the Legislative District's press release, 9th District Assemblyman Rumpf was reappointed to the Assembly Transportation, Public Works and Independent Authorities Committee and joins the Assembly Regulated Professions Committee as a new member. He serves as the ranking Republican on each Committee.

Assemblywoman Gove will continue serving on the Assembly Military and Veterans' Affairs Committee. Additionally, she will be taking on two new assignments by joining the Assembly's Higher Education Committee as well as Tourism and the Arts Committee.