While Stafford Township continues to see an increase in residents and businesses moving in, there is one consistent complaint that comes up.  Flooding. 

Neptune Drive basin in Stafford (Jason Allentoff, Townsquare Media NJ)

Officials are remaining pro-active for a situation that has plagued the community for over a decade.

Ask any resident near Route 72 and they'll tell you - flooding is their number one concern of living in the area.  Developments like Ocean Acres and Beach Haven West see rising water almost everytime there's a significant rainfall.  The Township has several basins to handle the runoff.  They are located on Forecastle and Neptune Drives.

Because Route 72 is a state owned and operated roadway, the Department of Transportation is responsible for dealing with issues there.  Officials in that state-run agency are looking into the issue and will have some mitigation plans in place for next year.

The proposed site of another basin across from the existing Neptune Drive basin off Route 72. (Dave Shutton, Townsquare Media NJ)

Township Administrator James Moran says they are aware of the ongoing issue and aren't taking it lightly.  Moran says "we are working with various departments in the town to alleviate trouble.  It isn't just a problem with flooding and worrying about where the water ends up - we are very concerned about the water quality too."

The water quality is a concern because most of the streams lead directly into the Barnegat Bay.  There is a risk for pollution as a result.  The main focus is to clear the roadways and by using the basins, there are methods to clean the water before it ends up in the estuary.

One of the largest basins in the town sits on Neptune Drive across from a liquor store.  They planted several trees on the site so when the rain falls and the bottom fills up, the trees and plants will absorb most of the water.  This helps keep the water off of the side roads and out of the basements of the homeowners.

Right now, Outboard Avenue is getting a re-do with a new underground culvert.  The basins along Neptune and Forecastle are being expanded.  Moran says a new basin may soon be up and running across from the Neptune Drive one on the opposite side of Route 72.