As I was walking along the beach this weekend I was struck by the number of rock towers I saw.  They were just stones stacked one on top of the other yet I found them interesting and kind of beautiful, so I took some photos.  I figure they must serve some spiritual purpose so I sat myself on a large rock and enjoyed some quiet contemplation while looking at the "sculpture."

Curious about their prevalence, I did some online research.  Sure enough, some people meditate while building these stacks.  It's a mindfullness practice of focusing only on stacking one rock on top of another.  Sometimes "cairns" as they're called are used as burial or trail markers but on the beach they just seem to be done for meditation.

As there are two sides to everything, my reading told me there are people who despise such rock towers.  They don't think rocks should be removed from their positions for this reason.  They go to the beach or the hiking trail to commune with nature so they don't like these reminders that other people had been there earlier.

I can see their point, but if I had to pick a side, I'd say I'm on "Team Rock Tower."  What do YOU think about seeing stacks of stones on the beach?