Spring cleaning is still a tradition for many Americans.

62% of people in a new survey say spring cleaning is an annual ritual in their home. According to new research from the American Cleaning Institute, 73% of those who spring clean agree that it’s a tradition worth keeping. And 13% of those agree that if it wasn’t for spring cleaning they would probably never clean their home! Among those who say they spring clean every year:

     89% say they will spring clean this year.

  • 72% say warmer weather gives them the urge to clean.
  • 55% strongly or somewhat agree that hearing about spring cleaning reminds them to clean.

 Windows (72%), blinds/curtains (67%), ceiling fans and carpets (both 65%) top the special spring cleaning “to do” list, followed by cleaning closets and drawers (63%) and desks/home office spaces (51%).  When it comes to prioritizing what rooms to spruce up, spring cleaners target the kitchen (74%), bedroom (73%), bathroom (71%), and family room/den (56%). ACI offers some strategies to take care of your spring cleaning tasks efficiently.

Do you do an annual Spring clean-up?