Last week I did a segment on a recent decision by the Brick Township Board of Education not to grant tenure to an elementary school principal and three teachers in the district. I have received overwhelming feedback; most of it from Brick residents who are appalled at the politics they believe is at the root of this decision which went against the recommendation of lame-duck Superintendent Walter Hrycenko.

Among the three teachers who would be out of a job at the end of the school year is Patrick Dowling, who was brought in by Hrycenko to replace retired Green Dragons football coach Warren Wolf three years ago…a move that was controversial and for the most part unpopular.

Dowling, a father of 6, was out as football coach after just two seasons but remained in the district as a Special Education teacher. What surprised me the most were comments from those who were very much against Dowling’s hiring as football coach. Despite that they were upset and even embarrassed about how he and the others were treated by a School Board they insist was delivering pay back for what happened in the past.

How this relates to the other two teachers and principal I’m not sure although one of the teachers was a former Dowling assistant. Brick residents are just as upset about the tenure decision regarding Drum Point School Principal Allison McConnell, who appears to have tons of support from parents…many of whom rallied on her behalf before school Wednesday morning. There is a school board meeting tonight and you can be sure this will be a hot topic, at least from the public. Since it is a personnel matter the Board does not have to say much or anything about why tenure was not granted but in this case it may behoove them to at least offer some insight.

Todd Frazier will know he’s made it as a major league baseball player when every reference to him does not include something about his Little League exploits. The Toms River native has been struggling since getting regular playing time for the Cincinnati Reds because of an injury to 3rd baseman Scott Rolen. Frazier struck out his first two at-bats last night against the Mets before family and friends at Citifield which meant he was 2 for his last 17 with 9 strikeouts.

However the 26-year old made up for that with a solo homer in the 7th and then a 2-run blast in the 8th…the first two home run game of his brief career. It earned Frazier a souvenir from manager Dusty Baker, the lineup card from last night’s game. Frazier and the Reds play the Mets again today and then 3 games at Yankee Stadium over the weekend.