Take a look at 4 things your pets may actually hate

  •   Feeding them people food.  Believe it or not, cats are lactose-intolerant.  They're not supposed to drink milk.  And dogs should never have bones or raw meat . . . for the same reasons we don't eat them ourselves.
  • Hugging your dog.  According to Cracked.com, dogs actually HATE it when you put your face next to theirs.  Supposedly it's a claustrophobia thing, so hugging or kissing them can freak them out.....and if it gets REALLY stressed, or you're not THAT familiar, you might get bitten out of nowhere . . . even by a dog that has never bitten anyone before.
  • Buying pets from a pet store.  The ASPCA says 99% of the puppies sold in stores come from puppy mills, where they're possibly abused.  If you bought your pet from a big place like that, you probably rescued it from the worst experience of its life. There are some stores though, that are very good with how they handle their pets.
  • Staring into a cat's eyes.  People like to do it because cats are so good at staring back.  But cats see it as a sign of aggression.  They're more affectionate with people who DON'T stare.  When you look at a cat, blink slowly so it knows you're not a threat.