"Sopranos" fans will remember the excruciating wait well, sometimes having to go a year or more between seasons of your favorite shows.

Most TV shows do two seasons a year, one in the Spring and one in the Fall. On cable though, where budgets are smaller, shows tend to only do one short season a year (most network shows do around 24 episodes a year while cable shows tend to do around 13), and make you wait months between seasons.

"The Sopranos" producers notoriously made fans wait nearly two years between seasons 5 and 6

After a wait of 10 months, one of the best new shows last year (in my opinion), is back tonight; "American Horror Story".

Last season was a thrilling, creepy, suspenseful rollercoaster, and many critics and fans wondered how the producers ("Glee" impresarios Ryan Murphy and Brad Falchuck, believe it or not) would top it. Without giving too much away if you didn't see the first season, it left, let's say, a difficult storyline to extend. This season they're taking many of the same actors (including the fantastic, Emmy winning Jessica Lange), and putting them in new surroundings

That's all I can really say without giving too much away, but I can say that I am really excited to see what the new season has in store, starting tonight. 

What's your favorite show that's made you wait excruciatingly long to find out what happens next? Tell us in the comments below!