Do not do these things when traveling abroad

  • Driving During the Day in Scandinavia Without Your Headlights On.  During the long winters there, daylight only lasts a few hours or less.  So they decided it's safer to just make people ALWAYS use their headlights.
  • Stepping on Currency in Thailand.  The front of the Thai baht has a picture of the King of Thailand.  So stepping on paper money is seen as a threat or insult to the royal family.
  • Wearing High Heels at Archaeological Sites in Greece.  In 2008, officials there realized heels can damage old stone floors and walkways.
  • Eating During Ramadan in the United Arab Emirates or Saudi Arabia.  Muslims don't eat or drink between sunrise and sunset during the month of Ramadan, which runs from July 8th to August 7th this year.... And even if you're NOT Muslim, you're expected to follow suit.  In Saudi Arabia, they'll even cancel your Visa if they catch you.
  • Urinating in the Ocean in Portugal.  Although according to "USA Today", it's not clear if anyone's ever been busted for it.  Apparently it's kind of hard to prove.