Even though there are still millions of people seeking employment, a new survey finds certain employers are having difficulty finding qualified applicants for certain specialized jobs.

Joe Raedle, Getty Images

A CareerBuilder survey identified a skills gap, where at least 8 in 10 hiring decision makers complain they're not getting the people through the front door looking for a job who have the qualifications for certain highly demanding positions.

Are New Jersey companies having the same trouble?

New Jersey Business and Industry Association President Phil Kirschner said their members have the same problem. He said higher education is giving students the right liberal arts training, but that doesn't necessarily get them a good job upon graduation.

According to a survey by Manpower, the skills gap is getting more narrow. Four in 10 employers are having trouble filling key jobs now, versus 1 in 2  a year ago.

Although the latest figures show there is still a problem, the drop from 2012 shows that some employers have become more willing to accept that the ideal job candidate for a certain position may not exist. If they want the perfect candidate, they may need to do some training, and offer a good salary, full-time status and benefits.