spin spin, flickr

I don't think it means socks with flip flops...that I love, but here we go.  Some of these I'm so guilty of and it's ok---sometimes.

According to "Good Housekeeping" :

You shouldn't wear black with Navy Blue:   It's only true when it's a really dark navy blue.  Basically, you just want to make sure it's obvious that you didn't just put them together . . . as in a black blazer and dark navy slacks.  I hope this doesn't mean jeans and black then my whole closet full of clotheing will not match.

You Shouldn't Mix Two Different Patterns:   Some women think it's bad to wear a flower skirt or pants with a polka-dot blouse.  Thanks to"Good Housekeeping", that's okay as long as they don't clash too much.  And they should also both have at least one or two colors in common.  So I say bring on the polka-dots baby with the stripes...I love it!

If You're Overweight:   Loose clothing will make you look smaller...NOPE, that's no true all the time, I know that one.   And almost everyone looks best in clothing that actually fits.  I so agree with this!