The inspiration for writing this started with a really clever license plate that I spotted on my way to work this morning. As I continued my commute I saw another, which I took to be a sign that this needed to be written about.

Sometimes personalized license plates are simply tributes to the owner or loved ones.

Sometimes they're inside jokes. Which, honestly I never understood. What's the point of displaying an inside joke if nobody else will get it?

And then there are the truly clever ones. Like the one in the photo above from Toms River Heating & Air Conditioning - "KOOLAIR".

This is the one that started the inspiration, however:

Photo by Justin Louis

Yup, that's a Tesla electric car with a license plate making an electrical current joke.

And there's this classic that I've actually seen a few times around Ocean County:

Photo by Justin Louis

Hey, if you're going to drive a gas guzzler, you might as well have a sense of humor about it, right?

Have you seen any clever personalized license plates that made you do a double take? Maybe you have one on your own car! Comment below and let us in on the joke!


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