The states largest solar provider is now officially a resident of Wall Township.

Trinity Solar celebrated their move in Monmouth County Friday morning with co owners/founders Bill and Tom Pollock being joined for a ribbon cutting ceremony by Lt. Governor Kim Guadagno.

The company started as a heating and air conditioning company switched over to solar in 2004 with 6 employees. Trinity began expanding rapidly from that point, going to 212 employees in 2010 and now staffing over 400 on it’s payroll.

Co Founder and CEO Tom Pollock attributes their success to the idea of solar for residential use becoming more popular. He notes that “just last month we installed 160 installations. People are excited to save money off their electric bills. No one want to pay the utility, they’re not their best friend all the time.”

Right now the government with SREC largely subsidizes the cost of solar, however the amount of the credit has been reduced as of late. Pollock believes that Governor Christie will continue keeping the SREC going in for more people to install solar as a residential option. In fact Pollock is very optimistic about the future of the industry.

“I’d estimate in five to eight years from now you probably won’t need anything for solar, just the savings on electricity with the government subsidies.” Says Pollock.

He notes that while Trinity’s customers still primarily utilize government based subsidies, “every energy needs a subsidy whether it be oil nuclear gas they all got subsidies for hundred of years, solar has only gotten it for seven or eight.”

New Jersey's fourth fastest growing company by NJBiz and he said they aren’t done expanding. Pollock believes when it comes to Solar, the industry is still booming.

“It’s a tremendous area for growth. You know solar is still very young in the United States and backed by the state as they do and backed by the utilities which have stepped up very nicely we think employment is going to rise.”