The new TV season is underway and already I can't keep up.  Are you finding yourself missing the new shows you're wanting to watch?  Our busy schedules don't allow us much free time to sit and view when shows are actually on the air.  Remember when "Friends" and "Seinfeld" were on?  Somehow we found the time to be home for "Must See TV" on Thursday nights.  But times have changed.  You're probably relying on your DVR or other online viewing methods to catch up, right?  That delayed viewing is posing a problem.   How can we prevent "spoilers?"  As I type this I have no idea whether Dr. Webber survived last night's premiere of Grey's Anatomy!  I'll probably watch it this evening, but what if I see a story about the episode when I'm surfing the web?  What if a friend blurts out his fate while we're chatting?   There's really no way to prevent what other people say.  And it's very easy to stumble online onto information that refers to an episode you haven't watched yet.  How do you keep your unseen shows from being spoiled?   Is it the viewer's responsibility to "keep up?"   Is it the media's responsibility to "keep mum?"  Or do you like my idea of people being free to write and say whatever they want about a show, as long as they preface it with the words "Spoiler Alert?"  I'd be interested in your comments below.