It's one of my faves  -  Richard's Sub World & Deli, especially in the Fall around football season - a bologna and provolone cheese, with oil and vinegar and light mayo...lettuce and pickles.  The owners are great people and in my opinion they have the best subs or what I like to call hoagies.

Suzann Hall
Suzann Hall
Suzann Hall

I drive by Richard's several times a day and yesterday while taking my daughter to swim, there was a lot of action on Rt. 9 in Bayville with firetrucks and police everywhere and as we got closer, we could see it was Richard's Sub World A little tear came to my eye, thinking about how long Richard's has been there..I believe close to 40 years.  So many great memories of the best subs and great people. 

According to the Berkeley Patch, thank goodness there were no injuries.  More about the fire, click hereHopefully Richard's will be up and running again, soon!

When driving by, all the firemen and EMS that were out there..."thank you" for keeping everyone safe during the fire!

Send some good wishes to Richard's, and share your memories!







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