So, it’s Monday.  Your first day back at work.  Are you feeling
recharged and refreshed from a relaxing weekend or do you need a nap?  If you’re exhausted from a weekend full of housework, gardening, errands, and running the kids from place to place, read on.  I want to share an “a-ha” moment with you.

The Jersey Shore is a great place to get some balance back in
our lives.  We just have to get off our couches and take advantage of all that's around us.

After a few really busy, rather stressful months, I decided to take yesterday off.  Completely.
So I gathered the boyfriend and kids for a Sunday of “simple pleasures” which included a  community pancake breakfast, a photography exhibition, and ice cream on the Seaside Heights boardwalk .

Those three things, plus time with people I love, added up
to a wonderful day in which I forgot about work, chores, and the big
“to-do” list that’s sitting on my desk.

So if you’re in a bit of a rut of working too hard during the week, then working just as hard on the weekends at home, may I suggest you take some time to find some simple joys of your own? Living in Ocean and Monmouth Counties makes it easy!  Even if you only have 30 minutes to spare.  How about taking a quick walk through a local park or along whatever body of water is near you.   There's something very healing about noticing the beautiful nature that surrounds us.   It's hard to stay mad at your husband or stressed about your taxes when you're caught up in the rhythm of the waves crashing, or are feeling the sand smoosh between your toes.  If you only have 5 minutes, how about looking up at the sky and playing the cloud game, seeing what objects or animals the cloud formations resemble?  If your childhood involved skee ball and frozen custard on the boardwalk, how about sharing that experience with your own kids to create some Simple Shore memories of their own?   This website, WOBM.COM always has plenty of
events listed, suggestions on things you can do to enjoy our local landscape and people.