There are not enough days of the week to promote all the fundraising efforts that are taking place for organizations and individuals and of course those involved feel like theirs is the most important. And it is to them. 

Debbie Panecki (Love for Debbie Panecki)

Today I am going to share one with you and you can decide if it’s something you would like to help with.  Debbie Panecki is a 58-year old mother of four boys who lives in Beachwood along with her husband Larry.  I have known her for the better part of 20 years as we worked together on the executive board of the Beachwood Soccer Club and Beachwood Municipal Alliance.

She can be feisty and argumentative and on more than one occasion I’ve kidded her about that North Jersey attitude of hers…I think she grew up in Newark.  Even when I disagreed with her I’ve always felt she was a person with her heart in the right place.  Over the years she has been involved in numerous efforts to help others, even during difficult times when she could have used some of her own.  When it comes to kids there is nothing Debbie would not do to help those in need.

For the past eight years or so she was worked as a Para Professional at Toms River Intermediate East although she was always doing something else on the side to support her family.  Three weeks ago she suddenly collapsed in her classroom and only through the efforts of co-workers were they able to revive her.

Debbie was rushed to Community Medical Center and since January 13th has been in intensive care with many complications, including seizures and lung problems.  Most of that time she has been in a coma and there has not been much good news during the ordeal for her family, including sons Jarred, Jordan, Josh and Justin.

Of course in the worst of times comes the best from people.  Knowing that Debbie was always there to help friends have rallied to show their support.  There are fundraising efforts through co-workers at Toms River Intermediate East and also through the Beachwood Soccer Club.

Meanwhile her close friend Linda Kelshaw has set-up a fundraising page through the popular site,  Money raised will help the family through this incredibly difficult time.  If you would like to support the Panecki family you can do so by visiting and where it says “find a fundraiser” at the top simply type it “Love for Debbie.”  Donations will provide financial and emotional support to a family that clearly needs and deserves it.