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Should Mark Anthony Prank Shawn & Sue? [POLL]
Mark Anthony is the last jock in the studio on April Fools Day before Shawn and Sue come in on Monday morning and he needs your help deciding if he should prank them and WHAT he should do.
Report: Senior Citizen's Car Slams Into Toms River Building
Toms River - A report by Ocean County Scanner News on Facebook indicates that a senior citizen crashed his car into a building in Toms River. The crash happened on at 833 Route 37 West. The status of the person inside the car has not yet been released...
Logan Paul should be OFF YouTube | OPINION
The following contains language that might not be suitable for some viewers. 

It’s no secret that we here at WOBM try and write as locally as possible because keeping our listeners (and viewers) connected locally is what makes us unique...