What's going on?

Should Phone Cameras Be Banned at Shows?
At a concert last night I'd say about one third of the audience was using their phones to shoot video. I looked around the crowd and saw a sea of blue lights. By contrast, a show I saw a week ago had a strict "No-Device" rule. Nobody was allowed to take photos or shoot video.
The TV Show That I Thought Was Good for our Divided Country
Roseanne's show reflected what's going on in families around the country. Politics are divisive. Siblings are disagreeing. The episodes gave voice to people like you and me and helped us understand the perspective of the other side. So how about the cast and crew stay on the job? They…
It's a Nifty Invention that Took Me a Long Time to Try
I had heard that these magic ovens clean by getting to a ridiculously high temperature. Something about the appliance heating to about 900 degrees made me uncomfortable. I admit, I was afraid it would explode and burn my house down.
Relaxing at Home this Memorial Weekend
I'm envisioning sitting in my backyard, surrounded by trees, listening to birds, and feeling the breeze as I do some reading. And when the showers come, I'll move inside to where my couch and TV are. There's a DVR full of shows that I'd like to watch guilt-free.
Have you ever found a baby bird?
I noticed a little bird just sitting there on my steps. It was kind of tucked in the corner. Was it injured? Did it fall out of its nest? Was it abandoned?
Parents Get Grown Son Evicted
If I suspected my child was being lazy or irresponsible I probably WOULD charge rent and set some house rules about chores and bills. What are YOUR thoughts about adult children moving in with parents?
Thanks to those who came to the rescue
EMS responders work under stressful conditions and often in some very difficult environments. And what blows my mind is that many emergency workers are volunteers!
Helping Teens Talk Through Their Troubles in Ocean County
Because it's Mental Health Awareness Month, I am posting this blog with hopes that you might tap into some of the helpful resources that are available. Ocean Mental Health Services is one local place you can contact. And did you know there are a number of Support Groups in Ocean County, speci…
Any Close Encounters of the Wildlife Kind?
When my dog, Taylor, discovered a family of groundhogs in HER backyard, she made quite a scene. Barking, howling, and "Aroooooo"ing until the critters all scurried away.