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Local Student Artists Selling Cool Gifts You Can Buy
Xstigma is the student-driven company that crushes the stigma attached to mental health issues. The artistic works shown in the photos are examples of how the kids channeled their creativity to spread a message of acceptance.
Wondering Where To Donate Today?
It feels good to give, even just a little something. And for people who are struggling, it feels great to receive. Whether your donation helps buy warm coats for kids or helps feed a local family, financial gifts are appreciated. There's a bonus benefit to you, the donor, which is a potenti…
What's the One Thing that's Always in Your Purse?
I had two recent experiences in which I was able to come to the aide of people in distress.  I didn't save lives or anything, but I did help control their coughing fits.  I usually always have cough drops in my purse so I offered and they accepted, with gratitude...
Ever Forget To Take a Pill?
When the doctor told me I'd need to take multiple pills, capsules, and drops several times a day, I wondered how I'd keep it all straight.