What's going on?

Which Celeb Do You Resemble?
I have no idea what makes our brains think people look similar to other people. I've had friends say things like, "Doesn't that cute guy over there look like Brad Pitt?" and I just don't see the connection. But haven't people told you you look like someone famous?
One Less Errand To Run in Ocean County
I just discovered I can deposit checks without going to the bank. Have you ever used Mobile Deposit on your smartphone or tablet? It's my new favorite thing!
If you haven't yet tried it, here's why you might want to. It's a huge time saver!
Should Jersey #StopSucking Like Other Places?
How do you think you would handle it if we were to outlaw plastic straws? Would you miss straws? Could you get used to straws made of paper or metal? Do you think Jersey Shore restaurants should start asking people if they want straws?
Big Sigh of Relief When Taxes Get Done
I've read a bunch of books on the value of keeping your eye on the prize. On how acknowledging the small wins can lead to more wins. So what's your plan for when you either finish your taxes, or when you get your refund check in the mail? Will you go out to one of Ocean County's re…
A Big Weekend for Jersey Boys Bon Jovi
New Jersey's Bon Jovi gets inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame tomorrow. Tell us when and how you first fell in love with the guys. Where did you first see them play live? What's your favorite song, if you had to pick just one?
Tips for Tax Procrastinators
If you haven't started your taxes yet, there's a little bit of good news. You have a couple extra days because the deadline this year is actually Tuesday, April 17th.
Which Jersey Girls and Boys Were Born in Dramatic Fashion?
Seth Meyer's and his wife became parents again Sunday. This time in the lobby of their apartment! Let's hear your stories of successful non-traditional births in Ocean County. Did you find that strangers jumped in to assist?
Sorry if this is "TMI" but I'm sure you can relate
I had a bad reaction to something I love eating: chocolate cake. Some of my friends feel sick after having greasy foods, coffee, and even some herbal teas! What's something that you enjoy but try to stay away from?
Was It a Computer Error in the Self-Checkout Lane?
My experience getting charged for items I did not buy has me thinking that I really should be checking receipts. Sure, computers are smart and can do a lot of things; but clearly mistakes can be made. So as the consumer, I guess it's my job to make sure I'm not overcharged. Lesson learn…
Help For Ocean County Prom Dress Shoppers
Where's a good place to get a reasonably priced new prom dress?
What thrift or consignment stores in Ocean County do you recommend?
Have you checked out a rental site like www.RentTheRunway.com?
Do you have a limit as to how much you'll give your child for prom? And how will you handle if…
Making Sure My Dog Knows She's Loved
I'm spending a lot more quality time with my dog these days. I realized that I'm often so busy working and running around that she's not really getting the best part of me. She's getting what's leftover after long, hectic days. That's really not fair to her so I&apos…
When Vacation Is More Than Just Relaxing or Partying
Have you or anyone you know ever gone on a service trip...to do volunteer work while travelling? If you are the parent or grandparent of a student who has helped out a service organization while on a break, please give them a shout out.
A Crash Course in Homeowner's Insurance
Insurance can be complicated. Here are some things I've recently learned about filing insurance claims plus a link to some information that may help you.
Any Good Matzo Recipes To Share?
I'm discovering how versatile Matzo can be. I've seen recipes for matzo lasagne, matzo French toast, and matzo mac and cheese! I even saw how to make matzo huevos rancheros! Besides matzo ball soup, and just spreading butter on your matzo, how do you like to eat the cracker-like flatbre…
I had the best of intentions...
If you've given into temptation and done something you vowed not to do, it doesn't mean you're a loser or a failure. It just means you had a slip and hopefully will try harder next time.
Which TV Families Remind You Of Your Own Family?
The hit sitcom "Roseanne" is back on TV. One of the things that made the series so popular the first time was how relatable the characters were. They had a lived-in living room. Their furniture was worn. They struggled to pay the bills. It was refreshing to see people that looked like…
Okay to take some videos at live performances?
The woman next to me at the concert said my phone's camera was distracting her so I put it away. The plus side of not holding my phone was I really was present. I experienced the beautiful music instead of thinking about camera angles, lighting, or how I might caption the pic on Facebook.
The Power of Young Voices
What's going on right now does feel revolutionary. It's likely to make changes. At the very least, it's sparking conversations that we need to be having. We can't keep the status quo of kids being at risk every time they go to school. What's the best way to make them sa…