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I Could Tell Something Still Wasn't Right
The point of this blog is just to remind you to listen to your body. If you have a gut feeling that something's wrong, perhaps you should consider a second opinion too. Talking to a specialist might help you too.
Music Legend Featured in Great New Movie
I enjoyed seeing all the archival footage of Quincy Jones' life and his career which spans six decades. Did you know that he worked with Frank Sinatra?
Coffee Trends at the Jersey Shore
Apparently Cold Brew tastes better than regular Iced Coffee. And the new Nitro Brews are popular for their creamy texture and "frothy mouthfeel."
Fall Garden Day Offers Free Demos and Info
It will include informative presentations and demonstrations on Attracting Hummingbirds and Butterflies to Your Garden, Love That Bug: Beneficial Insects in the Home Garden, Seashore Gardening, Recycling in the Garden, Hydroponic Gardening and Composting with Worms.
Downward Facing...Goat?
While people are doing Yoga poses, goats climb on them and balance on them. I've been intrigued so finally over the weekend I got to try it first hand.
Play About Sandy on Stage in NJ
We have so much good theatre in Ocean and Monmouth Counties but there's something going on in Camden County that I thought you might be interested in. It's a play titled, "By The Water" and it takes place right after Superstorm Sandy.
What Actors and Shows Are You Rooting For?
It's Emmy Night!  The best of television will be honored tonight with cast and crew members walking the golden carpet in Hollywood.  I thought I'd devote today's blog to our favorite shows, current and past.
"This Is Us" is my current favorite drama and I&ap…
Why Haven't I Used Them Yet?
My good friend gave me a lovely coloring book and a big pack of colored pencils for my birthday. 3 years ago!