When thinking of what I'm going to write about each day, there are a couple of ways that ideas come up - I have a notepad that I keep brainstorming ideas on, things happen locally that need coverage, and sometimes inspiration just strikes. That car above inspired me today.

I'm not sure who's car that is. It was parked next to me in our lot.

If it's a co-worker - I'm sorry for putting your car out there...but, then again, I assume you wouldn't have a hot pink and zebra interior if you didn't want at least some attention.

If it's not a co-worker - well, you shouldn't be parked in our lot anyway, so I consider that fair game.

Either way, this person obviously has a passion for pink and has taken her decorating point of view on the road with her (it's safe to assume it's a female because of the "Jersey Girl" bumper sticker. Hey, you never know).

I have some decorations on/in my car, with baseball logos, college stickers, etc. A lot of us like to give shout outs to the teams, businesses, and causes that are important to us.

What do you decorate your car with? Tell us about it. Or better yet, send a picture in and I'll post a gallery later this week!