With record low temperatures the last few days, schools across the country announced closings and delays, including a number of Ocean County districts.

Of course, when it snows we expect delays to give parents and bus drivers extra time to get kids safely to school. And closings are expected when it would just be too dangerous to get to school.

But closing due to just cold temperatures is a pretty unusual step to take.

On one hand, it makes sense for kids to not have to wait for the school bus or walk to school in below 0 windchills. But, on the other hand, many parents who don't get the day off work because of the cold were left scrambling to make arrangements for their kids to be home for the day, stay with friends for the day, etc.

And, we can't forget that the no school days now could also impact the calendar when the end of the school year rolls around.

Of course you can get the latest info on local delays and closings with Ocean County Stormwatch right here.

So what do you think about schools closing for the cold? It it prudent safety steps or over reacting? Let us know in the comments!