A Monmouth State Lamaker takes issue with New Jersey’s Red Light Camera Pilot Progam.

12th District Assemblyman Declan O’Scanlon says the recent Youtube video of near-misses by American Traffic Solutions, the operators of the program only shows “that these people that are going through the lights in their own video, they’re not they’re not deterred by a red light camera. They won’t be deterred by anything, they’re having a momentary brain lapse.”

O’Scanlon says the alternative is to have proper light timing at intersections. “If you have a yellow light, the timing of which is based on the speeds at which people are actually approaching an intersection, that’s part of the problem. Alot of times they set yellow light timing based on an artificially low speed limit.

O’Scanlon says officials in other state’s have drawn the same conclusion that he has, that the red light cameras aren’t about safety but about money. He says the ones that are honest and ethical removed the cameras.

According to the lawmakers press release, 25 municipalites are signed up for New Jersey’s red light camera program which began in 2008.