A shore-based state measure that would try to prevent cardiac-related student athlete deaths by requiring defibrillators at all school sports events inches forward.

The state Senate  Budget and Appropriations Committee approved "Janet's Law" today. Passage last January by the Senate Education Committee allows the bill to now go to full upper-house vote.

"Janet's Law" would require public and private schools to have accessible, automated external defibrillators (AED) during class hours, practices and games; to have a trained AED operator with CPR certification or an EMS technician on hand; and to develop cardiac emergency action plans. It also elminates civil liabiilty for coaches and staffers who respond to a cardiac episode with an AED.


State Senator Robert Singer (R-30) sponsors the bill. "AEDs are now affordable, user-friendly and necessary," says the Lakewood Republican. "For between $15,00 and $2,000, schools will be prepared to save students' lives."

The measure commemorates cheerleader Janet Zilinski, who died during a jog in the middle of  practice.