A joyous occasion in Ship Bottom is ruined thanks to a thief. 

Surveillance image of suspect in car break-in (Ship Bottom Police)

An elderly Tennessee woman who was attending her niece's wedding had her car broken into during the ceremony.  Her ID, credit card, passport and cash were stolen.

The theft also nearly stranded her in New Jersey as she had difficulty getting on a flight without identification. "That night, which should have been one to treasure, a night filled with joy and laughter, was marred by the selfish, senseless act perpetrated by these bad guys," Ship Bottom Detective Michael Nash told the Barnegat-Manahawkin Patch.

Nash shared the deeply emotional side of the wedding, which was supposed to happen last September. He told the Patch that the bride was diagnosed with Non-Hodgkins Lymphoma, went through months of chemo and nearly didn't survive. When she began to recover the bride decided to go through with the wedding.

Her aunt and uncle decided to fly to New Jersey for the wedding no matter what

Police have released several pics of the suspect leaving a local store. Anyone with information should contact Ship Bottom Police at 609-494-3055, ext 110.