Chiba is a positively beautiful little shepherd mix that is a little over 2 years old.  He came to us from our Newark facility after his owners turned him in for having "too much energy".  Chiba does have a lot of energy but what 2 year old shepherd mix doesn't?  After getting a little exercise, Chiba is just as you see him in his pictures- polite, well behaved, and super, duper sweet.  He is also a very smart little guy too.  He's had plenty of training and although he pulls a bit on the leash, he calms right down and will walk properly.  He will sit, shake, and do just about anything you ask of him, and very politely and gently.  Chiba makes friends so easily and once you've met him just once, you're his best friend and he'll be trying to wiggle his way up into your lap for some snuggling.  Chiba tends to be a little possessive over rawhides and rawhides only, but due to this, he will need a home with no kids under 10.  He gets along just fine with dogs his size and larger but will need a home with no cats.  If you want to add some enjoyment and sweetness to your family, come meet little Chiba.

File# 26836  9/26/16

For more details Call the Popcorn Park Zoo at 609-693-1900



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