Cuteness overload with these cats needing a forever home!

Franklin & Madison / Popcorn Park Zoo
Tuilip & Caroline / Popcorn Park Zoo
Jagger / Popcorn Park Zoo


What a playful bunch of feline friends! Check out Tulip and Caroline, Franklin & Madison, and big boy, Jagger, all getting goofy and having fun during one of their play groups. Can you just imagine the fun and entertainment you'd have in your house if you adopted all five? We know that's unlikely so....

Tulip and Caroline are looking for a home where they can stay together forever. The girls came to us from different places, but from similar circumstances. They came in as kittens born to feral moms, and didn't have much experience with human interaction. They met each other and took to each other immediately. They give each other confidence and both have come out of their shells so much with encouragement from their caretaker and from each other as well. They are both around a year old now and would love a great home of their own.

Franklin and Madison are a brother/sister pair that are only 8 months old and just the sweetest little kittens. They are both still a bit shy but as you can see, they come around quickly and just love to play and enjoy themselves with other cats and people too. They are very bonded with one another and would love a home where they will be together forever.

Jagger is in a league of his own! This beautiful long haired boy is about 1 1/2 years old and is high energy, confident and dominant too. He is a ball of furry fun but sometimes, Jagger just doesn't know when to quit! It seems as if he was taken from his mother too early and never had much direction in his kittenhood. He gets along with kitten-ish cats but is a bit much for older, calmer cats. He will need an experienced cat owner that will help guide him in the right direction.

All of these friendly felines are patiently waiting to meet you, and hope that you'll consider opening your heart and home to a shelter cat (or cats)!
Check out their adorable video from the Popcorn Park Zoo:

Popcorn Park Zoo

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