Meet Ottis!

Check out how playful Ottis is:


Ottis is a handsome little man of about 7 years old that would love a great home to start over in. This pug/basset hound mix had a home for his entire life but was turned in recently when his owner became unable to care for him any longer. Ottis is a happy and bubbly little guy that is not letting this get him down, and is ready to meet a good family that will love and care for him forever. Ottis has a mild cherry eye that was left untreated but our veterinarian will be correcting that prior to his adoption. He is otherwise in great shape but could use a little exercise, and has lots of spunk and energy. He is very curious and outgoing while out for a walk and makes friends easily. He gets along well with other dogs and when he spots one walking by, he can't help but whine and whimper a little, hoping to go over to get to meet a new friend. Ottis also gets along just fine with kids but will need a home with no cats. He is super sweet and fun-loving, and Ottis has a great sense of humor too. Stuffed toys are his arch nemesis and as he's de-stuffing one, he'll look up at you and wag his tail as if he is laughing. He's a real character with a great personality that would bring such joy and happiness into the lives of the lucky family that welcomes him home.

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