They are adorable!  Kittens, kittens, and more kittens up for adoption.

All of these kittens are under 6 months old.

Popcorn Park Zoo
Are you thinking of adding a cuddly kitten to your family? Please come in to our three Associated Humane Societies shelters, (Newark, Tinton Falls and Forked River) or go to your local shelter, and adopt! Pictured here are Max, Tulip, Merlin, Winnie, Petra, Sarah, and Loreal, all at our facility here at AHS/Popcorn Park. This is just a handful of the beautiful little ones that are awaiting their forever homes. There are SO many more just waiting to meet you. 

So many organizations charge anywhere from $90 to $150 for their kittens and cats, while pet stores charge even more. Here at AHS/Popcorn Park, our adoption fee for cats is just $25.00. That includes spay/neuter, rabies certification, microchip, health guarantee, all vaccines and flea preventative. Obviously it cost us much more than that to care for our animals, but our primary objective is finding our deserving pets good homes. And adopting a shelter pet is keeping that door open for the next one that needs us. Please come on in and meet some of these beauties. Our facility alone houses over 200 cats. If you can't find what you're looking for here, you're not going to find it anywhere! 
1 Humane Way
Forked River, NJ