It's been interesting watching people's reactions when I tell them my favorite Christmas gift this year was the Selfie Stick.  Some people hate them!  In fact, my friend who I'm planning to vacation with said I'm not allowed to bring it on our trip!  But I want to bring it so that we can document our "once in a lifetime" holiday.  I want us to look back on photos that we're all in (a group of 4) with beautiful scenery and landmarks behind us.  This would not be possible without the Selfie Stick so I'm going to pack it in my suitcase.

I plan on using it wisely, being courteous to those around me.  I'm sure it could get annoying at a tourist destination having to dodge a bunch of metal poles while walking around.  And I'll never use it in a narcissistic Kardashian kind of way (similar to the photo above.)   Some museums have banned Selfie Sticks to protect artwork from being damaged.

Time Magazine has called the Selfie Stick one of the 25 greatest inventions of all time.  I'll have to spend more time with mine before I agree or disagree with that bold statement.  What do you think about the Selfie Stick?  Do you love it or loathe it?