Fantastic news, Seaside Heights businesses will start reopening in just a few days. Here's the full statement from Seaside Heights:

GREAT NEWS! As of Monday, December 17, 2012, businesses which are ready will be allowed to open during our access hours of 7am until 4pm. We are anticipating that everything will go well with the restoration of natural gas over the next few days and we want to get back to normal as soon as possible. In that regard, we have also submitted a plan whereby as residential units are inspected and approved, people will be able to start residing in Seaside Heights again during the second week in January. Additionally, the local school children, boy scout pack and the Borough will be hosting a tree lighting ceremony at Borough Hall. Due to the limited hours of access, the ceremony will be held on Wednesday, December 19, at noon.

Obviously, this is just a start, but a major step as we all try to Restore the Shore. As you're thiking about where to do your holiday shopping this year, why not head over to Seaside and help their economy get kicking again?