There's been buzz around the shore in public, in print and online lately that the producers of the hit HBO series, Boardwalk Empire, are looking for new filming locations for their upcoming fourth season.

A scene from HBO's Boardwalk Empire (HBO)

Two communities are hoping to lay out the welcome mat. First, Snooki came to the shore and now they are looking to lure Nucky Thompson (Steve Buscemi) here.

Asbury Park was first considered while season 1 was in pre-production, but it would have been too cost-prohibitive.

To transport the cast and crew, many of whom are based in New York, 70 miles each way everyday, seemed like it wouldn't be worth it. Instead, the crew set up shop at studios in New York and in Staten Island. Now, fast forward a few years later - the show is generating millions of dollars each year and has a lot of exposure and name recognition.

There have been recent rumbles that Asbury Park may be back in the running, with the New Jersey Film and Television Commission confirming that some location managers from the show have been to the historic city, taking photographs and scouting. Over in Seaside Heights, officials want to get on the bandwagon and have the production come to town.

The new Seaside Heights boardwalk will be ready by Memorial Day, and borough officials feel very strongly that the community would be the perfect place. However, it is a period piece. How would the popular stomping ground of the Situation and J-Woww fit in to this 1920's show?

Seaside Public Information Officer Michael Graichen says "there's lots of reasons."

First, we have plenty of room if the filmmakers need to construct sets. And second, there are several merry-go-rounds that date back more than a hundred years. These would be great on the show."

MTV's Jersey Shore put the community of Seaside Heights on the worldwide map. They are hoping HBO at least considers the opportunity. There is also a possibility of a revenue stream for the Sandy-ravaged community.

So far, they have left a phone message for HBO and are waiting for a call back.