People who live in one of the shore spots that took the full measure of Hurricane Sandy's wrath finally have a chance to return to their homes, even if just for a couple of hours.

Aerial view of damage in Seaside Heights following Sandy (Tim Larsen, Governor's Office)

Borough officials have organized bus transportation Friday through Tuesday, on a street-by-street basis. The staging area is the former Foodtown lot on Fischer Boulevard in Toms River. Four buses will be standing by at 9 AM for routes that begin at 10 and continue until 2 PM.

The breakdown:

  • Friday - Sherman, Sheridan, Grant, Blaine
  • Saturday - Hancock, Fremont, Sumner, Webster
  • Sunday - Kearney, Carteret, Hamilton, Franklin
  • Monday - Sampson, Hiering, Lincoln, Dupont, Porter
  • Tuesday - 400 Heiring/Bayside Terrace. Officials say this section endured major access problems and must be given individual attention.

Residents and property owners will be required to sign in at the site. On return, FEMA reps will be on hand to help process claims and answer questions.Two people will be allowed per property. This includes two owners and two tenants in instances of rentals. Bring proof of residency or ownership to board the buses.

Riders can conduct minor protective repairs, take photos, remove trash, and remove small items. Trucks will carry items too large to fit on buses comfortably, but nothing as large as furniture is being permitted for carting.

Everyone riding over is required to turn off the main circuit breakers in their homes. Borough officials say it will eliminate the need to cut electrical service.