It's just about that time again.  The early bedtimes, the early wakeup's, the bagged lunches, waiting for the bus and of course, homework.  Next week, thousands of kids around New Jersey head back to school.  In Ocean County, officials are urging parents to shop for those school supplies right here.

Faber-Castell pencils (Ralph Orlowski/Getty Images)

With shore tourism figures likely to fall short thanks to Superstorm Sandy, the County's Department of Consumer Affairs is spreading the word about heading to brick and mortar stores, rather than buying products on the internet.  While it could be several weeks before the dollar amounts are known during the summer season, businesses all over are concerned about how to stay afloat.

That's why Freeholder Joe Vicari is urging everyone to buy local here in Ocean County.  He says "businesses are struggling and the economy is still on shaky ground.  This is very important for Ocean County and our local economy.  If you stay in the area and buy the products, it's a win win for everyone."

In addition to the economic benefits for your town and community, Vicari says "it's important to be able to return the item if necessary.  It's harder to do that online or even in another county.  Keep it local.  You also want to make sure the stuff you're getting is legit."

In the past, there had been counterfeit items sold at local flea markets in the state.  They didn't pass safety muster since they were manufactured out of the U.S. with low standards and oversight.

Vicari adds parents should review their child's school district web site for a complete list of items needed before heading out to the store.