A flier for three Toms River School Board candidates is creating some concern for one parent and the school's superintendent says there is an investigation into the incident. In a letter obtained by WOBM news, a resident is concerned the flier for tonight's fundraiser at Club Karma in Seaside Heights was printed and handed out on school time, using school resources.  This comes days after the sentencing of Mike Ritacco.

In the letter sent to the Superintendent, the citizen is demanding an investigation.

"I am dismayed to hear that only days after the previous superintendent was sentenced to federal prison, school staff would be actively campaigning for school board candidates on school time and possibly using school resources to do so.  For this to happen in the 1144 Hooper Avenue building, under the very noses of the school administration, is a disgrace at best.  Has anything changed in the Toms River Regional School District or do laws continue to not matter?" wrote the concerned parent.

School Superintendent Frank Roselli issued a statement via email this morning “The administration played no role in the creation or distribution of this fundraising flyer. Moreover, no district resources were authorized for this purpose. We are currently investigating this matter. Please know that we certainly would not tolerate electioneering of any sort in our school district.”


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