Were you a fan of the Office ?



So tonight I'm sitting here watching another of "my" shows make its way into the TV sunset...the Office. I probably have not had a TV comedy like this one, since Seinfeld. The type of show you talk about at work the next day, quote and never miss an episode. The Office was a great "blue collar" comedy about any office in the U.S. however just a lil bit crazier and probably more fun lol . This show further pushed Steve Carell ( Michael Scott ) into stardom and gave birth to such great actors as Rainn Wilson ( Dwight Schrute ) , Jenna Fischer ( Pam Beasley ) and John Krasinski ( Jim Halpert ) . The cast of course was fantastic and they just made you think your inside the average "Office" but also made you wish you were in theirs lol


Over the years I was an "Office" geek :)  I had Dunder Mifflin PJ's lol , Mug , Dwight Stress Squeeze Toy and even the Office video game .... wow ok I never realized how much of a geek until now!

I'm sitting here having coffee and watching the Office "retrospective" and loving the look back at the show. You don't realize how much work went into a series until you watch a look back and see how much work and fun they had. Some casts work and some don't ... this cast just worked! Lotta people loved Jim & Pam, but Dwight Schrute was the heart of the crazy office. Seinfeld had Kramer and the Office had Dwight. The combination of Michael & Dwight and Jim & Dwight made the office a classic. This show revolved around their relationships. Jim and Pam was a great feel good.....it grounded the show and left you with a smile, but just for a second then it was back to the insanity.

The office was the genius of Ricky Gervais , who played the part of Michael Scott in the original British version, he created the english version and then brought the concept here to the United States.....at first critics hated the show and looked at it as a cheap spin-off, later Gervais said people compared the English version to this one as the original.

So tonight another comedy makes its way to the re-run schedule and like Seinfeld I think I'll give the Office some time before watching re-runs....so see you guys in a year or two :) Thanks for the memories you were one of the best!

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