The karma that Hometown Heroes has given out since Superstorm Sandy is starting to return...all the way from Maine, and sitting in a tent in Seaside Park.

Sand Sculptor Ed Jarrett's Tent Headquarters in Seaside Park (Bob Hopkins)

The nonprofit that's helped thousands of families and business operators recover since the havoc of October 2012 lost everything in the fire that swept through a downtown Toms River building May 15.

Sand sculptor Ed Jarrett - the Down'easter whose works of art have decorated the Jersey Coast from Sandy Hook to Atlantic City in the past decade - says he'll use his summer project in Seaside Park to raise funds to get Michael Schwartz's support group back up and running.

Right now, Jarrett could use some free hands with free time to move five thousand square feet of sand into place. He estimates that it's about a million pounds of sculpting sand...but says volunteers will need only to move a few pounds at a time.

Jarrett is calling his ambitious project "Boardwalk Journey," illustrating the history of New Jersey's boardwalks, with a finishing flourish of a glimpse into their future.

Doorway to a True Community Project (Bob Hopkins)

Want to pitch in? Send Ed an e-mail and he'll meet you at the white tent:

Check out Ed's vision at his Boardwalk Journey website.