A number of roads across New Jersey are being left untreated as the region gets hit with storm after storm and entities struggle to replenish their salt supplies.

Towns have been rejected by county officials, and even the state, when asking for help to replenish their stock.

Julie Denesha, Getty Images

"This has been a very, very difficult winter, and the demand has outstripped the supply," said Joe Dee, spokesman for the New Jersey Department of Transportation. "Unfortunately, there's been so many storms in succession, it's difficult to catch up."

Suppliers have not only been dealing with a string of nasty weather in New Jersey, but in a number of regions throughout the United States.

Dee said the department is "eager for some good weather" because it takes days to replenish the salt that was spent on one storm.

"Those are the times when everyone re-ups on salt," he said.

With limited supply, many local officials have been forced to prioritize their road treatment plans.

Bill Dressel, executive director of the New Jersey State League of Municipalities, said towns tend to focus on the most-traveled roads and major highways, but they must also address "vulnerabilities."

"You've got your schools; you've got your assisted care living facilities, your hospitals," Dressel said."

NJDOT said its salt supply, while dwindling, is fine for whatever winter weather may hit New Jersey this weekend.