Senate President Steve Sweeney met with Rutgers President Robert Barchi today to discuss the controversy over incoming Athletic Director Julie Hermann and described it as a "good conversation."

Senate President Steve Sweeney (D) (YouTube)

In a statement the Democrat declined to provide details of their conversation."That being said, President Barchi and I engaged in a good conversation and I appreciated his candor," wrote Sweeney.

Earlier, Sweeney told the Star Ledger the asked for the meeting. “There’s a lot of things going on in this story, and a lot of things that should’ve been done that weren’t. I really want to get some answers.”

The Senate President was outspoken in his criticism of Mike Rice when the basketball video was aired on ESPN showing him yelling at players and throwing basketballs at them during practice. "Coach Rice's behavior was unacceptable and beyond common decency. Rutgers needs to do more than just a suspension: he should be fired immediately," said Sweeney in a statement.

Hermann is accused of similar behavior towards her players when she was coach of the Univerisity of Tennessee volleyball team in 1997. But Sweeney has not been as strident about Hermann. “The first situation there was a tape, and no one did anything about it,” Sweeney said. “This time, what she did took place 17 years ago, so, while not condoning it, I want people to succeed.”